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On the 28th of August, which was the second full day without Neurontin, we did the mirror therapy 3 times. It was clear that we needed to do it at least that much; around noon David's pain went up to about a five or a six. (We did a session just after lunch in the parking lot at the University of Pittsburgh using our traveling mirror and the reflection in the back of our mini-van!)

But the next day we only needed to do it once, and the day after that we did not do it at all. The following day we did it once, and we have not done it at all yet today (the 1st of September) though we may do so before the end of the day just for good measure.

What we are marveling at is how David does not seem to need much tapering off of the mirror therapy itself now that he is no longer taking Neurontin. We expected to taper off the therapy at the same relatively slow rate as we tapered off Neurontin, but it just hasn't been necessary. It will be interesting to see how much maintenance it will take to keep pain levels at zero, which is where it has pretty much been for the last three days.

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