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Video of Mirror Therapy

This is an obviously not very sophisticated video we made of me massaging David's face. The view is of his face directly, not into the mirror, but he is looking in the non-reversed mirrors and is seeing--and even experiencing--the massage as if it is happening on the left side of his face.

I did the techniques in the order I describe them under the post Mirror Therapy: Specific Techniques, so you can follow along with the descriptions if you like. I had a timer on and did each technique for about a minute, except a few that are for about a half a minute. I keep taking my hand away to turn off the timer. Usually, I would keep my hand on his face the whole time.

This is a "typical" session in that I do not focus on any part of the face any more than I would in an average session.

You will notice how much David's face moves at times as I touch it. Keep in mind that he is 66 and at one time weighed significantly more than he does now. Younger and taughter subjects will not produce the same results!

David is a handsome guy, but even so, trying to watch this will give you a good sense of why I keep talking about how boring the whole thing can be!

For now the video is at youtube in two parts. The top one is the first one, and then it continues from there in the bottom one. The sound is not all that exciting, so you may want to turn it off. At one point in the first video a large truck drives by.


E. Ludwig said...

Great! A Hopkins rheumatologist just referred me to Dr. AG's New Yorker article - then found your blog. For 5 years have had "a mild polyneuropathy" (HUP neurologist"s diagnosis) in the soles of my feet. Painful only when standing - i.e.,when my feet are weight-bearing. Not when sitting or lying. Occurs as soon as stand up and now my gait/balance is so profoundly affected can walk only in baby steps and am very unstable. Until 2005 played singles tennis regularly. Is my case a candidate for this therapy?Any recommendation?
Have tried Lyrica without success. Neurologist, by elimination, says it's "Multi-focal gait disorder of the elderly." Very, very obliged to you.

beth taylor-schott said...

@ E. Ludwig,
It sounds like your condition is symmetrical? If so, I can't think how you'd use a mirror, even a non-reversed one. But there is talk of video/avatar therapy. You might want to check out neurotopia...